Gopal Vidya Mandir Jind ( Haryana )


It is the age of competition. The world is getting smaller. Information is available at the press of a key. Teaching is no more confined to the four walls of the classroom. Internet and other technological advancements have widened the scope of learning. Gopal Vidya Mandir offers an educational framework that goes beyond the stipulated syllabus and responds to the demands of the digital age. The main aim is to develop inquisitive minds, critical thinkers and self-motivated learners by laying a proper foundation and honing the student's power of reasoning and analytical skills. To promote e-based learning, Gopal Vidya Mandir has installed Smart Boards in its classrooms that are effective tools in the hands of teachers to simplify the concepts that help in increasing student's comprehension levels. e-based learning helps students to assimilate concepts faster and retain well. Today, when the emphasis is on interactive learning, students make use of the smart boards to make their presentations. This way they are prepared for the future too.

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