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Gopal Vidya Mandir Jind ( Haryana )


School and family are the most important parts of a child's development. All around development of child can be possible with the efforts of both. Education is a vital process in which a student gains a prominent place by developing from all angles. Education's priority is to create the right atmosphere for students. Experiences of a nation has been transferred to a student by the medium of education. A teacher is like a candle who enlightens the path of students by burning himself. A nation and society can be progressive by the strong characters of students. Today's materialistic world needs more proper care and attention of a teacher towards his/her students. To create the feeling of brotherhood and patriotism must be the primary motive of a teacher. Student grasps the culture and national heritage by education. Education plays a vital role in building the strong character of a student. A teacher is like a sculptor who creates a new form of students. He wants to give a beautiful and gorgeous form of student's mind. We develop the child by giving cultural and value based atmosphere in school campus. The result of Board Education is always praiseworthy due to the efforts of experienced and quali?ed staff. Gopal Vidya Mandir has proved itself a milestone in the feld of education.

Balbir Singh


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